Why should you use camellia oil for hair care?

Oil treatment became a normal thing for many women. Oils, effectively replaced conditioners with silicones and chemical products for hair care. We are more and more willing to reach for natural nourishing ingredients. One of them is Far East camellia oil. Why should you use camellia oil?


…it is a natural conditioning product

Camellia oil is cold presses from seeds of evergreen camellia shrub cultivated in Japan and China. In total there is five types of this shrub, and extracts of each of them have different properties.

…it has been used in conditioning for ages

Camellia oil is a traditional product, which in countries of Far East is considered to be one of the best medicines for many diseases and perfect conditioning product. Tea seed oil is an ingredient used in traditional cosmetic recipes.

…effects can be observed on heads of Asian women

Tea seed oil for ages had special place in hair care of Chinese and Japanese women. Camellia oil is a secret of beautiful, healthy, glossy and silky smooth hair of Asian women; if we want to see what results brings camellia oil then just look at them.

…it is diversity of essential unsaturated fatty acids

Camellia oil is called Far East olive oil, because of similar composition and properties. However, tea seed oil has much more unsaturated fatty acids (oleic, palmitic, linoleic, stearic and arachidic), and additionally consists of vitamin complex and many nourishing ingredients.

…it can be used in many different ways

Camellia oil can be ingested as a medicine, but it more often is used for external conditioning – skin of entire body, hair or finger nails. The most valuable properties it has for hair, which can be nourished dry or wet, before or after wash, but also by using it as an addition to other cosmetics.

…it brings an amazing and multidimensional effects

Tea seed oil is extremely effective and safe nourishing product. Protection against UV radiation prevents elasticity loss, stimulates hair growth, eliminates dandruff and hair loss, nourishes hair and provides proper level of hydration.