Camellia Oil – Olive Oil from Far East

Well known olive oil has also cosmetic properties, and it is said that it is irreplaceable. Does it have its equivalent? Yes. Let us introduce to you olive oil from Far east, i.e. camellia oil (also called tea seed oil). In its properties it resembles olive oil, that is why it can be easily used in an everyday conditioning.

Cold pressed camellia oil

In the Asian culture, camellia oil was known for ages. Only now we discovered that it among many is responsible for beautiful and glossy hair of Asian women. Tea seed oil is extracted from Camellia sinensis, which is cultivated in China and Japan. Similarly to olive oil, also camellia oil is presses from a large seeds. Because of this method and place of extraction of camellia oil, it is called olive oil from Far East. It is natural Asian beauty and medical preparation.

Diversity of nourishing ingredients

What is camellia oil beneficial properties based on? Camellia oil is full of fatty acids and many vitamins. Tat is where camellia oil and olive oil are similar, but camellia oil has much better antioxidant properties. Why? Because it consists of larger amount of unsaturated fatty acids: oleic (86%), palmitic (7,5%), linoleic (4%), stearic (2%) and arachidic (0,5%). Diversity of EFA makes tea seed oil have very good properties, about which I will talk below.

Complex and multidimensional properties

The most noticeable effects of camellia oil is on beautiful hair of Asian women, which we are jealous about. We use olive oil and they use camellia oil – it moisturises, nourishes, smoother and soften them, and makes hair elastic. Tea seed oil provides natural protective barrier against UV radiation, eliminates discolourations, visibly rejuvenates skin and strengthens even weak hair. What is interesting camellia oil can differ depending on the variety of shrub it is extracted from, and there are five of them:

Camellia Japonica – Japanese variety, used for conditioning of face, hair and nails.
Camellia Kissi – variety providing deep regeneration of hair structure and gloss.
Camellia Oleifera – camellia, which gives oil, mistakenly taken for a tea shrub.
Camellia Sasanqua – Japanese camellia used mainly in art.
Camellia Sinensis – always green Chinese variety of the shrub, used in exclusive products.