Nanoil argan oil. Why even Asians prefer it to camellia oil?

Camellia oil has been a natural, flagship cosmetic of Asia for ages, used by generations. It can be compared to the well-known castor oil mostly used in Europe. Camellia oil is like Asian castor oil and it’s often called olive oil of the Far East. It’s valued for its effectiveness but has had a serious rival recently, and it beats even the iconic camelia when it comes to the effects, uses and properties. It’s Nanoil argan oil: the highest quality of argan which leaves all other oils behind. How so? How does argan oil work? What’s so special about it? Check why even Asian women have gone crazy about it.

Camellia oil was, is and will be a traditional oil valued in Japan and Korea. However, the first position as a beauty oil has been taken over by Nanoil argan oil giving amazing effects and having flawless quality. Get to know it better and check how it works in skin and hair care.

Nanoil argan oil, what makes it so good?

The quality of a given oil determines its effectiveness and way of working. Obviously, the lower the quality, the worse (or none) the effects. Top-quality oil means getting the best results the fastest. That’s why, while picking a natural beauty oil, the things that matter above all include the way of extraction, a certificate and pureness.

Argan oil launched by Nanoil is 100% organic, pure, without any additives or synthetics. It is certified by Ecocert, unrefined, cold-pressed and extracted from the carefully selected seeds of Argan tree. All that for the comfort of your hair and skin.

pure argan hair oil

Why is argan oil more effective than camellia oil?

The secret of the way good argan oil works is the set of fatty acids. Their proportions in argan oil are very beneficial. The balance of omega-6 linoleic acid and omega-9 oleic acid makes argan oil the best oil for beauty purposes, ideal for all hair types as well as body and face. It’s also highly rated for an exceptionally high vitamin E concentration, carotenes, squalane and butyrospermum (sun protection) and many other active substances. It seems unbelievable that there are as many as 100 of them and each one has a great effect on the condition of skin, hair and nails.

Nanoil argan oil is:

  • the best proportion of fatty acids
  • the purest, eco-friendly, unrefined oil
  • a cold-pressed, highest-quality oil
  • made up of over 100 amazingly-working active substances
  • awarded with the Ecocert label

Nanoil argan oil effect

Nanoil isn’t all about marvelous, healthy hair which amazes with gloss, grows well and no longer falls out. It also means healthy, smooth, flawless skin of even skin tone, free from blemishes and wrinkles. Argan oil fights all skin-related problems: it’s an amazing remedy even when you’ve got problems with dandruff or psoriasis. It helps fight stretch marks and cellulite, intensively moisturizes and protects skin against irritations and well as repairs nails damaged due to gel mani.

nanoil argan oilHow to use Nanoil argan oil?

You can use it either separately, that is apply pure argan oil to hair and skin, or add it to DIY products. Argan oil is an excellent carrier oil for natural essential oils. It has so many uses that you can find a different purpose, recipe for each day of a month (or more!). Argan oil works amazing as a deep oil treatment, moisturizes dry hair ends, tames flyaways, you can add it to hair conditioners and masks, lotions, moisturizes, use it for massage or to remove make-up, to treat stretch marks, cellulite and other imperfections.

Nanoil argan oil, opinions

It’s Nanoil argan oil getting the highest ratings in online reviews. It’s recommended in beauty and hair salons and by word of mouth. The oil’s effectiveness and properties are much talked about. Nanoil argan oil has the highest quality and gives the best results. Thanks to effects and unique ingredients, it tops even camellia oil so you should have the best one by Nanoil in your bathroom and use in daily care.

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