Japanese precision – the power of Camellia Oil

Cosmetic market was taken over by all kinds of conditioning oils. You probably know basic types of oils, which are for instance jojoba oil or argan oil, and you probably know a lot about their properties. However, you should try some diversity and just sometimes reach for different product, because your skin quickly gets use to frequently used ingredients and as a result they have much weaker impact on it than at the beginning of the treatment.

Eastern medicine knows and uses the power of oils in beauty treatments for centuries. This time, we are heading to the Far East, Japan, where truly popular is camellia oil, also called tea seed oil. It has diverse use in cosmetic and medical products, but its main quality is unheard of care of hair and scalp. You just need to look at the hair of Japanese women to understand and recognise its properties.

Camellia oil helps preserve proper level of hair and scalp hydration. It regenerates both hair and epidermis, penetrates skin to reach hair bulbs and makes hair grow stronger, more glossy and full of life. At the same time it prevents hair loss and takes care of hair ends. By using it you can say goodbye to dry and split ends, which are difficult to comb. On top of that, this oil is perfect for the winter, because it seals and smoothers cuticles of high porosity and fine hair and makes them stop absorb such large amounts of cations, i.e. prevents fly-away hair. (Fly-away hair are caused by colliding cations in the inner hair structures with cations absorbed from the external world, like dust or material fibres).

Camellia oil is being used the same way as most oils available on the market. It should be applied on dry or slightly damp hair, you have to perform scalp massage to boost blood circulation and then wrap hair with towel to create hot compress (heat activates nourishing ingredients of the product) and leave it on hair overnight (optimal time is 2-3 hours). After this time, wash hair with shampoo and style them the way you used to. Persistence, i.e. repeating the treatment will be rewarded and soon use of tea seed oil will grant you with beautiful, strong and properly hydrated hair. No more dry or brittle hair. No more fly-away hair.

One last thing – Japanese camellia is a beautiful plant, which can be easily cultivated at home. Regularly cut, creates effective bonsai tree decorated with gorgeous pink or white flowers. You may want to say in Japanese: ganbatte! Go for it!